We are welcoming you to our blog site. NHAIS Boutique has been operated since January 2010 starting with name of TUDUNGstall, then has been changed to Nur Fiza Boutique. Our boutique is doing online business. We are selling various stylish hijab different than others with guaranteed high quality material. We will serve our customers as best as we can, and really hope for their supports. Any suggestions, opinions or anything, please email us. Thank you.

Tudung Dubai is one of the famous hot selling item. The materials used are vary, however all the materials are very comfy and high in quality. Everybody must have one.

Tudung Hamidah, the most easiest hijab to get stylish in town. This hijab comes in various sizes from small to extra large, and also comes in thin or thick comfy material. This hijab doesn't need ironing. Various style can be done with tudung Hamidah.

Tudung Raja Mazian is the best choice for those who want to appear different and elegant. This hijab is similar to tudung dubai, but it covers the chest area. This hijab is very suit to wear with jubah, kaftan, or even baju kurung.

Tudung mini is the anothers simplest hijab to wear. It is an instant hijab. Rural modern workers are very busy and only have a very little time to manage their look. This hijab is suitable for them. Even this hijab is very simple, but it gives trendy look to wear with blouse, and also suit in coat.

The lowest price of tudung Syria in town is available only at NHAIS BOutique. Get the very lowest price, only RM20 per piece and get another types of hijab at the lowest price too. This is our special promotion to our valued customers.

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Jan 20, 2010

Keistimewaan Membeli-belah Secara Online

- Kita selalu kesuntukan masa & x berkesempatan utk membeli-belah di shopping complex.

- Dpt jimatkan duit sbb x perlu keluarkan duit utk kos pengangkutan, duit minyak, duit tol, tambang, x perlu bayar parking, dan lain-lain fee untuk membeli belah. Kos yg perlu anda tanggung hanya kos penghantaran/pos.

- Anda x perlu bayar harga utk sewaan kedai, bil elektrik, air-cond, gaji pekerja dalam harga produk yang anda beli. Malah, anda akan mendapat produk yg berkualiti pd harga yg berpatutan.

- Anda tidak perlu tunggu hari cuti utk pergi shopping, sbb anda boleh membeli belah di waktu & ditempat kerja atau dari rumah anda secara online pd bila2 masa.


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